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MAC Motors

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Rexroth MAC Servo Motors

MAC Motors/
The Rexroth MAC servo motor is an AC servo motor used with TDM, KDS and DSC drive controllers. This motor is especially suited to printing presses, textile machines, machine tools, robotics, and other industrial uses.

MAC Servo motors come with and without holding brakes and with or without keyways on the outpout shaft. There are also various options for windings design and power connection placement.

The MAC series, like all Rexroth motors, is highly reliable. Brushless design, lifetime lubricated bearings, and internal temperature monitoring combine to make this a very reliable motor. That means that you probably won’t have anyone in-house with any experience troubleshooting your MAC servo motors.

We’re very experienced with MAC motor repair. Supporting your current and legacy Rexroth solutions is what we do, so you can feel confident with us. We can provide 24 hour turnaround for most factory repairs, and we keep emergency units on hand.