2AD Motors

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2AD Motors


2AD motors are AC motors designed to work at a broad range of speeds in settings like printing, packaging, and reshaping. They’ll work at optimum performance from sea level up to 3,280 feet (1,000 meters), and at temperatures above freezing to 113 degrees. Outside these ranges you can expect some power drop off.

You’ll find a blower at side B which is used to cool the surface of your 2AD motor, either by suction or by blowing across the surface, allowing cooling from either side even though the blower is always on side B.

Accessories are available which can allow your 2AD motor to function in very dirty or very wet environments; make sure your motor is fitted with these accessories before you subject it to extreme conditions.

Don’t think you can ignore these advisories when you’re storing your 2AD motor. Motors must be stored in dry, dust-free conditions, in a horizontal position. Make sure that installation is undertaken by qualified personnel only, and check that installation is completed correctly before operating your motor. These points apply to refurbished or reman motors, too.

Available 2AD Type Codes

  • 2AD101
  • 2AD104
  • 2AD132
  • 2AD160
  • 2AD164
  • 2AD180
  • 2AD200
  • 2AD225

Why Factory Repair?

Study the two pictures below closely to see the difference between a new Rexroth servo motor and a factory remanufactured Rexroth servo motor:

New Rexroth Servo Motor

New Rexroth Servo Motor

Factory Repair Rexroth Servo Motor

Factory Repair Rexroth Servo Motor

Factory repair is the best choice for one very simple reason: Rexroth doesn’t sell replacement parts. That means that any repairs you try to do yourself, or any repairs done by a repair shop, will always be done without genuine Rexroth factory parts. We’re not sure how third party repair shops get around this problem, but we’re sure that it is a problem.

For like-new results, you must choose factory repair for your Rexroth 2AD servo motors. Fortunately, Rexroth supports even older motors. Some motors from the early 1970s can still be repaired. We keep emergency exchange models on hand so you won’t lose time and money while you wait. We even have charter aircraft; give us a call or fill out the quick form below and see how fast we can solve your problem.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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