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You have two main options if your Rexroth HCS03.1E-W0210-A-05-NNBV converter stops working. You can either replace your drive, or you can repair it. But before you try to replace or repair your HCS03.1E-W0210-A-05-NNBV drive, you should first make sure that the drive is actually the problem.

Rexroth drive error codes aren’t always caused by a defective drive, however. Just call 479-422-0390. We can quickly diagnose the problem and help you with the next steps to get your system up and running again.

Replacing an HCS03.1E-W0210-A-05-NNBV drive

If you choose to replace your HCS drive, just make sure that you get an identical module. There’s no such thing as “close enough” with Rexroth industrial motion control systems.

HCS03 converters come in six different current ratings and six different versions. These drives have different physical dimensions, and they have different capabilities. The HCS03.1E-W0210-A-05-NNBV drive has a maximum current rating of 210 amps, and it has an integrated braking transistor, 24 V DC voltage supply from DC bus and external power.

Replacing your HCS converter with a different HCS converter can lead to compatibility issues, which in turn results in extra downtime and extra expense.

As trained professionals who specialize in Rexroth systems, we can guarantee that you get the module that matches your original unit exactly. We have the largest supply of emergency replacement units for Rexroth systems in the United States.

Repairing an HCS03.1E-W0210-A-05-NNBV drive

Repair is a great alternative to replacement. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or availability with repair. Instead, trained technicians restore your original unit to like new condition.

Rexroth factory repair provides your unit with a new factory warranty. This means that you can be confident in the quality of the repair and the integrity of your system. We offer Rexroth factory repair services with a 24-hour turnaround.

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