KVR Power Supply

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Rexroth KVR Power Supply

Your Rexroth AC drive system includes one or more drives and a power supply.

Rexroth has a wide range of power supply modules for various needs. The KVR line can serve up to 10 drives.

KVR 1.3-30-3 provides the link circuit DC voltage for the power supply and the control voltage for all the connected servos. It serves as an inverter to feed power back into the mains when it operates in generator mode, preserving power generated by the braking of the motors. The KVR can be connected to threephase networks without a transformer.

The KVR power supply module’s power output drops in hot or humid conditions and at higher altitudes.

However, the heatsink is outside the cabinet, so the KVR power supply can be housed in a smaller cabinet. About 80% of the heat is lost outside of the cabinet, reducing costs for air conditioning inside the cabinets.

When  your KVR needs service

The KVR 1.3-30-3 is a legacy part. You can’t  buy a new KVR power supply module off the shelf.

You can, however, opt for factory repair or reman. Your module will come back to you, in most cases, with a new warranty. All parts that wear will be replaced with original parts. If those parts have been improved or updated since your module was first manufactured, you benefit from that fact.

Third party repair shops don’t have access to original parts. They don’t have trained technicians or access to the documentation the factory has.

What do you do while your unit is at the factory? We have the nation’s largest stock of emergency replacement units and a charter plane to get them to you as fast as possible. Downtime is minimized to save you money.

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