KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220

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Rexroth KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220

The KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 power supply unit can power 10 drives at one time. It is an essential part of the drive system. Like all the KDV power supply modules, the KDV 2.2 can be directly connected to the mains without using a transformer. It rectifies the threephase mains AC voltage and provides DC high voltage for the drives.

The KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 serves as an inverter for power generated by the braking of the machine. Instead of that energy being lost, the KDV 2.2 can feed it back into the mains.

The heatsink is mounted on the back and positioned outside of the cabinet. This configuration allows 80% of the heat to remain outside of the cabinet. Not only does this mean a smaller cabinet, with greater versatility for your facility, but it can often mean that you can do without an air conditioned cabinet. At the very least, your cooling costs are greatly reduced.

Rexroth service

The KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 is a legacy part, so you can’t order a replacement and have a new unit sent to you. Rexroth supports legacy parts, though. Factory repair, using original parts, brings your faulty unit back to like-new condition.

Remember, no Rexroth unit is designed for repair on the machine. It’s natural to want to open up the unit and see if you can fix it, but it might actually damage your unit and make it harder to repair. Factory repair is always a better choice.

Factory reman can also be an option. Reman includes replacement of all wearing parts. If parts have been improved by newer technology, you’ll benefit from those upgrades. Your unit comes back to you with a warranty.

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