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MKD Motors

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Rexroth MKD Series Motors

MKD Motors/

These motors are available with and without keyway, with or without holding (blocking) brake, and either single or multiturn feedback. These feedbacks are not encoders.

There are several different rotor winding codes in each size range which designate the characteristic speed of the motor. The MKD series motors can be used with the DDS, DKS, DKC, HDS and HDD series servodrives.

As with all Digital feedback Rexroth motors, this motor cannot be disassembled and reassembled in the field.

Repair for the Rexroth MKD servo motor series is a specialized job. Only Rexroth factory repair guarantees you Rexroth factory parts. For like-new results, you should never consider any other option but factory repair.

Available MKD Type Codes