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Rexroth IndraDrive HMS

Rexroth HMS drives are designed for single-axis or double-axis applications, but they can be combined with HCS drives for more versatility. These servo drives have integrated safety features and open communication interfaces designed to reduce programming for most standard functions. Applications that often use the HMS series include machine tools, printing, food handling and packaging, and paper processing.

These drives are not suited to use under water or in extreme temperature variations.

Use HMS drives with Rexroth’s IndraDyn motors or with third party motors. However, you should be aware that the use of third-party cables can affect your warranty with Rexroth.

Your HMS drive includes two parts. The Power Section consists of a power supply unit with DC bus voltage, a motor, a 24 v  power supply, and a bus module for communication with other devices which are connected to the DC bus. The Control Section is integrated with the Power Section. You can find information about your HMS drive on the plates shown in the diagram at right: Plate 1 shows info for the Power Section, while Plate 2 shows information for the Control Section.

Find model codes for specific HMS types on their respective pages:



These drives have the same strength and long life that you have come to expect from Rexroth. When problems come up, they may be the long-term result of improper installation and implementation of the units, or of use in an unsuitable environment. Problems can also result from errors in using the software or firmware.

Rexroth industrial motion control machinery is not designed for troubleshooting or repair on the machine, or for repair by third party shops. Faulty modules should be removed and replaced, then sent for factory repair. We make this process safe, fast, and easy. The cost of downtime, including possible failure to meet deadlines, far outweighs any possible savings of workarounds. What’s more, third party shops don’t have access to original parts or specs. Going with a local electrician is an unacceptable risk. Call us first.


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