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Rexroth HMS02 Servo Drive

Rexroth HMS servo drive

Rexroth IndraDrive M or HMS02

The Rexroth HMS02 servo drive is a compact inverter. This range has maximum current ratings from 28 to 210 amps and continuous currents up to 25 amps. These drives are used for single-axis applications.

The HMS02 can work with synchronous or asynchronous motors, including Rexroth’s IndraDyn series or third party motors.

You’ll find the model code on a plate on the exterior of the drive. All model codes for this series of drives begin with HMS02.1, where .1 designates the current design. N shows that this is an inverter, without an integrated power supply. It can be used with Rexroth’s HCS converters.

The next character in the code will be W or F, showing the cooling mode. F designates liquid cooling, while W refers to the integrated fan’s air cooling ability. The numbers following this letter show the maximum current, from 28 through 210 amps. Integrated cooling fans are currently available for 28 and 54 amp models only. The letter A signifies the degree of protection — IP20 in all cases — and 07 stands for the DC bus nominal voltage of 700 volts.

Additional characters at the end of the code will be NNNN for no customization, or may include other information.

Once you’ve identified your model, call us for phone support, field support, emergency replacement units for your drive while it is repaired, and factory repair or reman. Your factory repaired drive will be returned to you in like-new condition, and usually with a new warranty.

HMS02 drives, like all Rexroth motion control modules, cannot be repaired on the machine. The modular design allows you to replace the drive with a new unit, or with a temporary replacement unit to minimize downtime while repairs take place. We keep the nation’s largest inventory of emergency replacement units. Call us for immediate assistance.

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