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Rexroth HMS01 IndraDrive Servo Drive

Rexroth HMS01

Rexroth IndraDrive M

The Rexroth HMS01 series is a compact  single-axis inverter. It can be used in conjunction with the HCS family of drives to provide customized solutions for your electric industrial motion control needs.

The IndraDrive M, or HMS01, is a servo drive with a power range from 15 kW to 120 kW. These drives are designed with ethernet-based communication to work with all IndraDyn motors. They can be combined with HCS converters, as well.

Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems are tough as well as powerful and accurate. We often see earlier versions of Rexroth servo drives that have been in service for decades before they need support of any kind.

When you need support, though, it pays to make the right choice. Rexroth industrial motion control units are modular so that they don’t have to be repaired on the machine. Even troubleshooting can be done after removal and replacement of the faulty unit. That means that you don’t have to shut down while you figure out the problem.

Because let’s face it, often the cost of downtime is the largest expense when it’s time to repair a faulty servo drive. With Rexroth HMS drives, you can pull the drive off the machine, replace it with one of our emergency replacement units, and lose very little productive time. With factory repair or reman, your unit returns to you in like-new condition.

Often we talk to clients who have already spent days shopping around, maybe trying out a third party repair shop with no access to original parts — and invalidating their warranty in the process. The cost of this kind of trial and error often ends up being much higher than the price of doing it right the first time.

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