Rexroth HDD Drives

Rexroth HDD Drives

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The HDD servo drive is designed to run two servo motors at the same time. HDD drives are particularly valuable for applications requiring both robust power and great precision.

These drives are similar to the HDS drives in features and configuration. only one drive at a time can be parameterized via PC interface. There are two grounding connections: one in the back wall and a set of grounding clips in the front. The maximum cable length is 82 yards, and you should be using Rexroth Indramat cables. The maximum ambient temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a legacy module. If you have trouble with your HDD drive, check first to be sure that the module is configured properly. Over the years, you might have moved the cabinet beyond the maximum distance, replaced the cable with an off brand that doesn’t work properly, or failed to replace a frayed cable.

Since the HDD drive is a double drive — “D” in this case standing for “double” while the “S” in HDS stands for “single” — one faulty drive requires the replacement of the entire module. It is not possible to replace just one of the modules.

Fortunately, Rexroth continues to support legacy modules like the HDD. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate assistance. We offer phone support, field support, factory repair, and reman. We also have the largest supply of emergency replacement units in the nation.

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