Indracontrol L

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Rexroth IndraControl

Rexroth’s newest controls are the IndraControl L series. This series features a scalable hardware platform with standardized communication interfaces and modular design for flexibility.

  • IndraControl L10 offers scalable hardware with standardized communication interfaces. Designed for both centralized and distributed control topologies, the L10 has many options for extending its functionality. It has an available boost module.
  • IndraControl L20, like the L10, works with I/O modules that can extend its functionality significantly. The L20 uses Indralogic L and includes Powerfail, Watchdog, and Temperature Monitoring for effective remote monitering.
  • IndraControl L25’s available CFL function modules include Fast I/O, Real-time Ethernet and PROFIBUS, Programmable limit switch, Cross communication, and Sercos III. Uses either controller-based IndraMotion MLC or PLC IndraLogic XLC.
  • IndraControl L40 uses ethernet, ready, or serial interfaces and an extensive array of auxiliary CFL function modules. Use Indramotion MLC or IndraLogic L. Both are controller-based.
  • IndraControl L45 has multiple system options: CNC with IndraMotion MTX standard, for up to 12 axes;
    controller-based motion logic system with IndraMotion MLC; or PLC with IndraLogic XLC.
  • IndraControl L65 offers multiple system and interface options, 512 MB of use/application memory, and Powerfail, Watchdog, and Temperature Monitoring.
  • IndraControl L85 uses CNC system controls IndraMotion MTX performance with up to 64 axes for maximum precision in cutting, forming, and machining applications.

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