Rexroth Error Classes

Rexroth error messages are not random strings of letters and numbers. They come in various classes. This is the current run-down:

Error messages beginning with F2xx are non-fatal error messages.  That means your machinery won’t automatically shut down. If you ignore these warnings, though, they’ll escalate.

F3xxx shows non-fatal safety technology errors. These errors are still non-fatal, but they are also safety issues. These should be higher priority.

F4xxx errors are interface errors. These errors are” areas.  in the “PROFIBUS-DP”, “Ethernet interface ” or “serial interface

A travel range error means that the parameters are set up in a way that will take an axis outside of the safe travel range area.

An F7xxx error message announces a safety technology error.

F8xxx errors are fatal errors. The program will end and the machinery will stop.

Check your troubleshooting manual for more details. The error message for your Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems should help you to narrow down the possibilities when you have trouble.

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