Rexroth Error Code E0220

Turn it off and turn it on again is a classic line, really a joke, but…sometimes it works. Rexroth error code E0220 can be one of those times.

Rexroth error codes usually start with an E or an F, followed by digits that provide more detail on the problem.

“E-0220” means that an unauthorized interrupt call occurred. That is, the process the machine was engaged in was interrupted. Sometimes a machine can carry on after an interruption, but sometimes it’s not that simple.

Like when you walk down a hallway on your way to do some important task, and someone stops you with a question. Sometimes you can answer the question and carry on to your task without missing a beat. Sometimes you’re left standing in the hallway trying to remember what that task was.

That’s the position your machine may be in.

Turn it off and on again

In that case, you could just keep walking down the hall, trusting that you’ll remember what you meant to do by the time you get to…wherever you were going. Or you can head back to your office. Usually, once you reach the spot where you decided to take that action, the action will jump back into your head.

This solution won’t work for a machine. You don’t want it to continue swinging its arm around, trusting that it will remember the plan. Instead, the processor recognizes a fatal error and shuts down. This is the safe and responsible thing to do.

Switch the drive off and start it up again. This has the same effect as when you walk back to your office to recapture that moment when you knew exactly what you needed to do.

Chances are good that the processor will follow through smoothly and complete its task.

Still showing an error?

If you turn off the drive and turn it back on again, and you still see E-0220, you’ve got more of a problem than just an interruption. In that case, something has caused the interruption to take place, and your fatal processor error may really be fatal.

In that case, call us at (479) 422-0390. We are Rexroth specialists, and we can help you get back up and running fast.

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