Rexroth Error Codes: The Excessives


Rexroth error messages are made up of a diagnostic code and a diagnostic text. For error F2028, “F2” and “28” alternate on the H1 display. In the diagnostic message, it shows as F2028. F2028 is one of the “excessive” — error codes that tell you there’s too much of something. In this case, it’s too much deviation.

There are lots of error codes for various conditions and various components. One group of error codes includes the word “excessive.” Sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much.

Excessives error codes

  • F2027 Excessive oscillation in DC bus

The DC bus voltage fluctuates too much. The oscillation might not be visible in the machine, so be sure to check the command torque. Check the settings on the velocity control loop and the position control loop.

  • F2028 Excessive deviation

When the actual position exceeds the expected parameters, this error is generated. This can be caused by errors in the parameters, if the axis is blocked, or when the power supply was turned off while the controller enable signal was applied. Check both the mechanical system to correct axis jamming, and the parameters to make sure they’re correct.

  • F2036 Excessive position feedback difference

This error code means that the difference between actual position value 1 and position value 2 is greater than the monitoring window.

  • F2037 Excessive position command difference
F2037 is the error shown when the position difference between two successive position command values is the same as the value in the  bipolar velocity limit value — or larger.

Can we help?

Error codes can be caused by too much, too little, or just the wrong things. But any error code is more error codes than you really want to deal with.

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