24-Hour Turnaround on Indramat Repairs

24 Hour Clock by Ivan WalshDid you know that most of our Indramat and Rexroth factory repairs can be done in 24 hours? That means that your plant doesn’t have to be down a second longer than necessary.

If 24 hours is too long, we have emergency replacement units on hand, ready to switch out with your broken part. That means you can be up in a matter of hours—all the time we need is to get an Indramat replacement unit to you. With our chartered flights, that means we have faster turn around time than pretty much everyone else.

Why does this matter so much? It’s all about the TDC — total downtime cost.

The average factory expects to have about 5% in TDC, but experts say that the real cost can be as much as 20% — and that the average company underestimates their TDC by 200-300%.

Think of all the costs associated with downtime on the line:

  • Labor costs, including the benefits being paid while workers stand around waiting, and the administrative and support staff costs associated with the downtime. Most companies don’t do the math.
  • Product cost for all the goods not produced while you’re down. If start-up for your outfit produces some scrap, add that, too. And don’t forget the slower production time associated with starting back up.
  • Opportunity costs, if sales expectations have to be revised because of downtime.

Don’t forget the costs of all the things you try as temporary fixes and workarounds before you call us. Or maybe don’t make that mistake.

When you need Indramat repairs, call us first.

24 Hour Turnaround

Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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