Safety and Productivity

Safety and productivity are linked in an obvious way in industrial settings: when people get hurt, it slows down and even stops the production process. Clearing the floor, cleaning things up, identifying the problem, instituting new safety procedures or making changes to the machinery — all these steps disrupt production. There’s another, less obvious link…. Read more »

CES Robots Go with Cute

It’s the Consumer Electronic Show, not the Industrial Electronics Show, so it probably makes sense that CES went with cute robots, or at least robots that were trying to be cute. We’ve already written about the Rollbot, a teddy bear themed robot intended to bring you a roll of toilet paper if you run out… Read more »

Where does that Rexroth Repair Inventory Come From?

If you’ve ever had a car serviced at a regular old mechanic, you’ve probably had after-market parts put on that came either from a different manufacturer (other than your car maker) or something worse. Many mechanics visit junkyards and rip pieces of other cars off to repair your car. Wonder why that fan you had… Read more »

Rexroth in Bethlehem

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is home to one of the plants owned by Bosch Rexroth, the parent company of the Rexroth electrical industrial motion control systems in which we specialize. When you need service or support for any Rexroth electric drive and control machinery, call us at (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance. The Bethlehem local news source, the… Read more »

Rexroth Error Codes and Safety

Risk of burns by hot housing surfaces! Risk of injury by improper handling! Injury by crushing, shearing, cutting, hitting! Risk of injury by improper handling of batteries! Risk of injury by improper handling of pressurized lines! It sounds a little like someone did a really bad job on an old horror movie poster. Maybe not… Read more »

Rexroth Error Code F209

Rexroth motion control components communicate with you — even the legacy units do their best to tell you what’s wrong when they have a problem. When your DKC or Indradrive lets you know that error code F209 has cropped up, you can conclude that your parameters have changed. If you’ve recently changed your firmware, this… Read more »

Stupid Robot Tricks

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is the place to find out what’s new and what’s coming in consumer electronics. Charmin, a maker of toilet paper, got serious this year with several new ideas. One is a small autonomous vehicle designed to bring a roll of toilet tissue to someone in need. It uses infrared sensors… Read more »

Survey Shows…

Business consultancy Sykes wondered whether the hype about the changing future of work was really worrying Americans or not. Their conclusion? Not. Asked what they thought about robots — and given a choice between paraphrases for “Tools that can help me” and “Things that will take my job” — two thirds thought of robots as… Read more »

Robots at Home

Rexroth is the world leader in industrial motion control, combining power and precision to move everything from printing presses to soccer stadiums. But when people dream about robots, they often imagine robot servants. Rexroth doesn’t make motion control systems for household robots. If they did, though… it looks like Americans would welcome them. 70% of… Read more »

Automation 2020

What’s the big news in automation for the first year of this brave new decade? Forrester, a top research company, has some predictions. Everything easy has already been automated Automation is ubiquitous. But many of the things that we haven’t yet automated won’t be fully automated in 2020. Much of the new technology in drive… Read more »

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