Manuals Forever!

Another engineering blogger wrote this a while back: “Automation component suppliers should provide at least minimum support such as downloadable manuals… forever.” The writer points out that you can still buy legacy units on eBay (and here’s why you probably shouldn’t), not to mention the ones that are still running just fine in your factory,… Read more »

Giant Armed Robots

Donetsk, in the Ukraine, is sporting giant armed robots right now — on the other side of town from Russian tanks. They may be intimidating, but they’re not really war robots. Instead, they are the creations of workers at a local auto shop. With friends, they used leftover car parts and waste metal to build enormous… Read more »

Getting to Know the Indramat PPC Control

Indramat controls come in several different varieties; the PPC control is Sercos based. Sercos, serial real-time communication system, is a globally standardized system for communication between servos and controls. Sercos, the game-changer Tight communication among components is key to motion control, and sercos is known for providing that. Originally, servos and drives communicated with analog… Read more »

MDD Servomotors

  MDD motors are designed for high feed rates that require precision work. Printing, textile, and packaging machines often use MDD servomotors. Indramat’s MDD motors are commonly found in printing presses where the demands of high-speed printing are part of the routine. MDD motors are made to respond to high feed rates but aren’t the… Read more »

Where Will Robots Persist?

We’re hearing a lot about “getting back to normal,” but we’re also recognizing that there may be a new normal. Our future lives might not be the same as they were before the pandemic. One of the areas where that change could play out is in workplace automation. Robots took on a lot of jobs… Read more »

The Assembly Line

A century ago, Henry Ford’s assembly line revolutionized the way things were made. Until that time, objects were made individually. A craftsman would make one chair, start to finish, before moving on to the next chair. Using the assembly line concept, Henry Ford was able to take the 12.5 hours involved in building one car… Read more »

The Dreaded F228 Error Code

Not a week goes by without multiple calls from clients asking about F228 faults on their Rexroth Servo Drives. The manual has a very dense explanation for a very simple error, which often times leads clients down the wrong path. F228 means that the motor can’t keep up with where it is supposed to be…. Read more »

Are You in Panic Mode because of Downtime?

You had to shut down your Rexroth Indramat equipment because it was having severe issues. That’s a big problem. We know our customers lose thousands of dollars every second their Rexroth machines are down. Between lost time, paying employees when they’re not producing, and the possibilities of losing orders, it’s a high stress situation. As… Read more »

Getting to Know the Indramat RAC Drives

Often the first contact we have from new customers takes place when they open a cabinet — a cabinet housing some piece of machinery which has never given them problems before — and see the word “Indramat.” “I called you,” they will explain, “because the broken thing is labeled Indramat.” If you’ve got an Indramat… Read more »

Updates and Upgrades for Indramat

Has your Rexroth/ Indramat legacy servo drive or servo motor been updated or upgraded since it was installed? Although these components are official maintenance free, there might be upgrades or updates to the programming or to the parts inside that would be beneficial. Of course, Indramat machinery doesn’t need to be updated to keep working correctly…. Read more »

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