Automation, Jobs, and Race

There are many sides to the question of how, when, and whether robots will take human jobs. They range from a belief that automation creates more and better jobs to a fear that human beings will be degraded to full-time video game playing in 30 years. Now research suggests that there is another aspect of… Read more »

More Restaurant Robots?

The hospitality industry is one of the fields that has seemed ripe for automation for a long time…but hasn’t actually made much progress in that direction until recently. For years, robot pizza makers and robot bartenders were occasionally in the headlines. They tickled people’s fancy and had novelty value, but they didn’t actually show up… Read more »

Robot Buddies?

One the one hand, we have people who fear a robot takeover, complete with robot overlords and helplessly unemployed humans. On the other hand, we have robots as buddies. Recent research supports the latter vision of the future with robots. 39 subjects in the UK were matched up with Pepper, a humanoid robot, for a… Read more »


Rexroth built a dinosaur for the Da Vinci Science Center. The 11 foot long animatronic dinosaur has some of its outer shell removed so visitors can see the inner workings. The inner workings are worth a look. There are four axes of control: the hips rotate, the jaw opens and closes, the head nods, and… Read more »

Rexroth IoT Connector

Collecting and analyzing information from automated machinery is essential for a competitive workspace today. But how can a manufacturer take advantage of that opportunity? Rexroth’s IoT Connector is a perfect solution. The IoT Connector currently works with connected welding controls. It facilitates the seamless communication of data between connected devices and systems. This involves the… Read more »

Robot CEO

A Polish liquor company has brought on a robot CEO. The executive, named Mika, doesn’t take weekends and is always working, 24/7. “My decision-making process relies on extensive data analysis and aligning with the company’s strategic objectives,” Mika announced. “It’s devoid of personal bias, ensuring unbiased and strategic choices that prioritize the organization’s best interests.”… Read more »

Industrial Robots Record Broken Again

According to the International Federation of Robotics, manufacturers installed 553,052 industrial robots in 2022, a 5% increase over the record set in 2021. The largest proportion of these were in Asia, particularly in China and Japan. Europe was next, led by France, Germany, and Italy. The U.S. installed 39,576, a 10% increase over the previous… Read more »

Is Industrialization the Cure for Poverty?

Thanksgiving is traditionally the time to feel gratitude for what we have, and to give to those who don’t have as much as we do. But giving food to people living in poverty, though it’s clearly a good thing to do, doesn’t solve the problem of poverty. Maybe industrialization does. Patrick Allit of Emory University… Read more »

Servomotor Jokes

A software technician and a hardware technician are working together on a frustrating problem and tempers are beginning to get short. The software technician mumbles, “You can be replaced with a small script,” to which the hardware technician replies, “You can be replaced with a small armature and a servomotor.” No matter what your approach,… Read more »

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