The Missing Parts

Production rose over the summer, and so did factory inventory. But NPR reports that some of that growth involves projects that are waiting for a missing part. With supply chains still disrupted and labor shortages affecting many industries, some manufacturers are experiencing delays. You’ve probably heard about auto makers waiting for semiconductor chips in the… Read more »

Trusting Machines

There are mixed feelings about robots, automation, and machines. Some people are really excited about the advantages and potential of automation. Others worry about the affect that automation will have on employment and society. There’s been a human vs. machine narrative as far back as the first Industrial Revolution, but we’re at the point where… Read more »

U.S. Production Is Up

A new report from the Federal Reserve announced that production in the U.S. is up above pre-pandemic levels. It’s an increase of just 0.3% over the production last March, when the pandemic was announced. But that’s 5.9 percentage points higher than last year at this time. This is the figure for manufacturing. Mining and utilities… Read more »

Rexroth Diagnostic Messages

Rexroth error codes can be frustrating. Your machine has ground to a halt. Your people are standing around doing nothing but maybe complaining. Your supervisor is frothing at the mouth. You’ve followed a cable to a cabinet, blown off a few layers of the dust, and pulled out a mysterious device you’ve never seen before…. Read more »

Is Manufacturing As We Know It Dead?

3D printing is an intriguing idea and it’s clear it can be a big force for change in the manufacturing industry. In terms of what we do with Rexroth servo drives and servo motors, we’re not expecting that it’s going to make big changes for existing companies in the next few years. The technology is… Read more »

Does Industrial Automation Need Cybersecurity Standards?

Broadly speaking, we don’t think your printing press or milling machine needs a high level of cybersecurity. A 2017 report found that remote attacks on industrial robots could cause small errors which might not be caught before they released ready-to-fail drones onto the world. And who can forget the tomato-stabbing humanoid robot in this video?… Read more »

Bosch Rexroth Expanding Industry 4.0 Leadership

Rexroth has been at the forefront of Industry 4.0 thought leadership since the concept was first developed. Now, parent company Bosch and the Bosch Rexroth partnership are expanding that leadership with Industry 4.0 training worldwide. Bosch Rexroth has more than 100 training modules and 360 lessons relating to Industry 4.0 concept and skills. Certification as… Read more »

Flexibility for Robots?

One of the big questions about the future of industrial robots is this: should they be humanoid? Most industrial robots now are not. They may remind us of parts of a human body, or of animal bodies, but they are not C-3PO or even Pepper. They are machines specifically made to do a specific task…. Read more »

Taxing Robots: For and Against

robot tax

A number of experts, including Bill Gates, have spoken in favor of taxing robots. Now the Brookings Institution has spoken out against it. “Robot taxes are a misguided idea that would have negative consequences for firms, their workers, and ultimately the economy,” says author Robert Seamans. Is it about job losses? Seamans begins by listing… Read more »

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