The True Cost of Robots

cost of a robot

More companies are springing for robots and other types of automation. Where the initial up-front cost of a robot used to cause hesitation, the combination of lower initial costs for robots, human labor shortages, and rising wages can make robots look more Econ comically feasible. A new humanoid robot going for $1600 could be the… Read more »

Robots and Racism

When it comes to lingering racism in the U.S., robots should be the least of our worries. But researchers continue seeing problems, and as automation becomes more and more central to our lives, we need to pay attention to the possible consequences. AI and racism One problem is that AI works only on the data… Read more »

Robotic Solution to Labor Shortage Backfires

Labor shortages continue to be among the biggest problems companies in the United States are dealing with. The pandemic sent it off, but declining birth rates and skilled workers aging out of the workforce in record numbers as the Baby Boomers retire — these factors make it likely that the shortages will continue for quite… Read more »

Bickering Robots

The Emilio robot is a toy. It has no industrial applications. It doesn’t even pretend to be able to move pallets or assemble anything. let alone fold clothes. It operates with servos and has three sensors. The Energize Labs website explains that “He has a wide range of emotions that he will express naturally throughout… Read more »

Say Hi to Astribot

Check out the Astribot S1 in this video. Then check out the headlines that have been written about it: Freak robot made in China can learn, think, work like humans Chinese Robot Maker Creates Humanoid Robot that Can Do Almost All Human Tasks. It can think like a real human being. Video of super-fast, super-smooth… Read more »

Child Labor Again

Child labor law violations have been in the headlines frequently in recent years. Violations have risen by 69%, and 10 states have introduced bills designed to weaken the protections of these laws. Kids aged 13 to 17 worked illegally on night shifts in slaughterhouses, cleaning dangerous equipment. Auto manufacturers had children as young as 14… Read more »

AI Effects on Workers

Different people have different reactions to AI. For some, it’s an opportunity to optimize work and life. Collect the data, use AI for predictive maintenance calculations, and replace those valves before they break! Use AI to summarize data and produce rough drafts of required reports! Speed up design and production of new machinery with AI… Read more »

Tesla: Robotics, Not Cars

Tesla has announced that it’s not a car company. It’s a robotics company. Quartz shared the news with a ho-hum about the latest Optimus video. Optimus, you may recall, is the humanoid robot that Elon Musk has been bragging about for years. Its first public appearance was in the form of a human in a… Read more »

Robots Do More Human Tasks Badly

Are we becoming too curmudgeonly? Fox News was pretty excited about the video above, showing a robot doing simple tasks that take it about ten times as long as a five year old and end up with poor quality results. “Are these robots making humans obsolete for home and repair tasks?” they asked breathlessly. This… Read more »

Getting Girl Scouts Involved

Practical solutions to many major problems could come from a coalition of government, education, and industry. The Society of Plastics Engineers is doing their part by getting Girl Scouts involved. They’re working with the venerable organization to create a Sustainable Packaging Patch. Catch up on Girl Scouts We know that our average reader has never… Read more »

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