2AD Motor Makeover


This 2ad servo motor has seen better days — in fact, we might be tempted to call this a sad motor instead of a 2ad motor. This is definitely the “before” picture.

But Rexroth servo motors work hard, and this one has been in service for many years. It’s understandable that there should be some wear and tear.


Here’s the same motor. This is an “after” picture.

These before and after pictures tell us a couple of things.

First, they tell us very clearly that a Rexroth electric servo motor is not disposable. If it stops working, don’t call the salesman who was in last week painting you a gorgeous word painting about how great your life would be if you invested a few hundred thousand smackeroos in new motion control technology.

Call us instead. We’ll steer you right.

The second important thing you should know is that calling Bob’s Bait & Servo Motors is an even worse idea than calling that salesman. Third party repair shops don’t have access to the original parts and specs,  and they don’t provide a warranty.

Factory repair or reman gives you a like-new working motor with a factory warranty. Going to a third-party repair shop voids your original warranty if you have one. There’s no reason to take the chance.

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