A Downtime Emergency Plan

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At some point you will need to shut down because of some kind of malfunction or emergency—do you have a plan in place for shutting operations down safely and quickly to protect your workers and machines? You probably do. But do you also have a plan in place for what to do when the downtime is caused by an Indramat servo malfunction? Probably not — and it is time to prepare one.

The key to getting back up after having to shut down is having a plan in place to resolve issues. Although you can’t anticipate everything, some strategic planning and thinking can help you identify potential weak spots in your plant to prepare for malfunctions. One such spot is your Indramat servos. They’ve been running without problem for decades but it will happen at some point—your servos will break down some day in the future.

Be prepared

Before you call in help from a repair company like us, there are certain steps you should take. Always check your cables when a servo shuts down since that’s one of the most common trouble spots. After checking cables, you’ll want to look at your servo for any error codes and try to make the best sense of them as you can. Another thing to check for is overheating because of dust buildup or broken cooling systems. Don’t have a manual to help guide you? We can provide one.

After troubleshooting your servo motors and finding no cause for the breakdown, you’ll need to call in reinforcements to help. As part of your downtime plan, you should have a company ready to call for help that is knowledgeable and at the ready to help you through troubleshooting. We always start by talking over the phone to identify common issues and ensure your servo isn’t an easy fix. If we can’t fix it over the phone, we will come to you and can even bring emergency replacement units for the quickest repairs around.

Why not add our number to your emergency plan? It’s 479-422-0390479-422-0390.

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