A New Job for Robots

A temple in Kyoto has a new job for a robot: giving a sermon. The robot, which moves and speaks, presents a 25-minute sermon on a traditional Buddhist text called the Heart Sutra.

The robot was designed by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University. Ishiguro is known for human-like but androgynous robots. The Kyoto robot is called Mindar, and was inspired by the Buddhist goddess of mercy. A human-like face, neck, and hands are combined with metal and silicon limbs and body to make a high-tech sculpture which gives the impression of eye contact and human-like gestures.

Is the figure a robot “doing the work of a goddess,” as NPR puts it?  Or is it a work of art incorporating modern technology? Over the millennia, saints and deities have been depicted in every medium and material. Why not robotics?

The Smithsonian has a clockwork monk designed during the Renaissance to look as though it were praying. The monk, like other clockwork figures of the time, is probably best understood as artwork.

The NPR headline appears to put Mindar into the category of robots taking away jobs, which probably is not quite on target.

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