AI Humanoid Robots

Open AI, the maker of ChatGPT, has joined forces with Figure, the maker of Figure 01, billed as the first commercially viable general-purpose humanoid robot, have joined forces to create an AI-powered humanoid robot.

The idea is that Figure 1 can learn how to do multiple tasks the way humans often learn them: by watching people do the task.

So far, Figure 1 is learning to walk. Its makers hope to have it actually working in a warehouse by the end of the year. Then they want to get a fleet of Figure 1s into warehouses and see where they can go from there.

What’s different about Figure 1?

So far, the biggest difference is probably the fact that Figure 1 is all electric, whereas the famous Boston Dynamics Atlas uses hydraulics. We specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control, so we may be a bit biased toward electric systems, but we think this is a good decision. Movement with electric systems is smoother.

Figure also claims that their electric systems will take up less space. Figure 1 is the size of n average American woman. That probably makes a more practical coworker than a larger, bulkier robot.

Figure’s emphasis, however, is on real work. “Existing humanoids today have just been stunts and demos,” their founder says. “We want to get away from that and show that they can be really useful.”

Open AI

Open AI’s involvement is expected to lead to something new. Fox News called it “creepy.”

They’re also working with a Norwegian company, 1X, to create an “AI-augmented” robot.

In both cases, it is not at all clear what part Open AI’s work will play in the actual robot. Microsoft researchers had some suggestions. In a research paper,  they propose that ChatGPT will allow non-technical users to ask ChatGPT-enabled robots to do any task. “Any robot, any task,” they say, offering examples like making and serving an omelet.

Atlas, in the video above, seems to come up with a creative solution for the human’s problem (he forgot his tools again, which does seem to give us some insight into his skill level). In fact, as in all its videos, Atlas has been programmed and filmed with great human cleverness.

Could Open AI help make robots which could actually come up with human-like solutions to problems> Or make good omelets?

We’ll see.


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