Amazon’s New Robotics Testing Platform

Google has stepped back from robotics, but Amazon is stepping up. Using the popular open-source software Robot Operating System (ROS), Amazon’s testing platform speeds up simulations with their own machine learning and analytics.

Simulations with the AWS RoboMaker can start out with environments like retail stores, racetracks, and warehouses. You can build your robot in a dedicated workspace, and you’ll even have access to fleet management tools once you’re ready to deploy your robots.

Robot makers can get started for free, paying for additional services as needed. The RoboMaker is also designed to help makers connect with collaborators as needed.

The platform supports Amazon’s goal of open source robotics. Partners include Georgia Tech, Cal Poly, Black & Decker, and more. Academic partners are using RoboMaker to create robotics curricula.

RoboMaker’s team is also working on adding more capability to the platform, responding to user requests.

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