Ameca: Uncanny Valley’s New Resident

Ameca, the humanoid robot, looks a lot like a person.

Engineered Arts, a UK company, developed Ameca as a platform for future robotic development. It can’t walk or indeed do anything practical, but it does look a lot like a person.

The robot is designed to be neutral as to gender and ethnicity. It could be dressed and coiffed to look like man or a woman of many different backgrounds.

Engineered Arts makes and rents out other robots, including models called Mesmer and Robothespian. These creations make “live” appearances for PR stunts, capturing the attention and imaginations of human observers.

Future of Ameca

Ameca can do the same kind of work, and is also available for rent. But the makers would like to see if used for robotics research and development. With a realistic face and arms, a convincingly humanoid body, and the ability to move in distinctly human ways, Ameca could provide a starting point for robot makers that would result in a more appealing robot in the end.

Ameca, like Rexroth machinery, is modular. You could just use an arm or a head if you needed to, and you could also swap out Ameca’s parts for more refined and specialized parts suited to specific actions.

Could Ameca be the future of industrial robots? It’s not impossible.

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