American Manufacturing to Match China by 2015

7595930098_1188c7be29_zAlix Partners recently released a study about the attractiveness of American manufacturing compared to other options for nearshoring production. Nearshoring differs from offshoring by manufacturing in a country that shares a border or is in the same area of the world as the company who is outsourcing their manufacturing, like Americans outsourcing to Mexico, Canada, Central or South American or even the Caribbean. In this year’s study, the United States is nearing in on Mexico, the closest nearshoring competitor for manufacturing business. With 84% of respondents to the study saying that nearshoring is becoming increasingly important, it’s clear that nearshoring is the option to beat for American manufacturers.

Since 57% of businesses are looking to start nearshoring in the next one to three years, American manufacturers need to make sure they’re ready for increased demand with staff and equipment. In terms of landed costs, America is still behind the three other top competitors, Mexico, India, and China, so it’s important to keep your costs as low as possible to become more competitive as freight costs increase landed costs for lower cost counties outside the United States. To keep your costs low, you need to reduce downtime to a minimum.

We can help you achieve lower costs by ensuring you stay operational as much as possible. If you don’t have a go-to source for help when your Rexroth or Indramat machines have problems and are shut down, put us on your list. We can typically walk you through easy repairs or discover what’s wrong over the phone, instead of having to dispatch someone out and take up even more time to get you a new part. With our chartered plane service, we can get a part to you quickly and get you up and running again faster than competitors. And since all our repairs are factory certified, you can rest assured our parts won’t leave you stranded later.

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