Animatronic Christmas Trees

All you want for Christmas is a talking robot Christmas tree? No problem. Instructables has instructions for making one yourself from a cheap artificial Christmas tree, wire, a breadboard, copper piping, a bunch of other stuff you may have hanging around the house, and a couple of servo motors.

Servo motors are key. This is the kind of motor you need to make something move in a particular way, from here to there, rather than just moving in a general way, such as forward.

In this case, you’re going to give the tree a hinged jaw and wiggling eyebrows.

Animated Christmas trees

You don’t have tomato your own if you want an automated tree.There are trees that fluff out their branches and “grow” to the desired height. You can choose a talking robotic tree with a sort of holiday headdress.

Maybe you’d prefer one that looks like an ordinary Christmas tree until it comes to life and scares the bejesus out of onlookers.

Possibly the most famous animatronic Christmas tree is a Canadian mall decoration named Woody. Nearly 50 feet tall, Woody has a lot of fans. A spokesperson for the MicMac mall insists that he was not removed because people found him creepy. Rather, he had gone to the North Pole to help Santa Claus.

Or was out being repaired,for 15 years. Take your choice of cover story.

Either way, he’s back this year to entertain visitors to Novia Scotia. And we’re sure that he has servo motors to thank for his movements, even if he’s voiced by a human being.

But seriously…

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