Appealing to the Young Engineer with ctrlX

ctrlx apps

When Rexroth wanted to appeal to a younger generation of engineers, they didn’t focus on trendy colors or unique music. Instead, they took a leaf from the smartphone book, centering their ctrlX automation platform on apps.

You can run ctrlX from your phone, too.

More than 300 companies have created ctrlX apps now, and 43 “ecosystmepartners” have been published in the ctrlX app store.

One example is HD Vision Systems, which bills itself as “your one-stop solution for all robot vision requirements.”

What’s so exciting?

Is it just the ctrlX App Store that wows young engineers? Hardly.

“The system’s radical degree of openness is its most widely appreciated feature,” explains Rexroth’s Steffen Winkler. “The support of virtually all popular programming languages and the corresponding engineering tools enable automation solutions to be developed without any ties to provider-specific or proprietary systems.”

Making innovation easy without requiring new kinds of technical knowledge brings younger engineers on board. Cooperation and co-creation benefit from standardized interfaces, reinforcing the commitment to modular design which has served Rexroth well for so long.

Not ready for ctrlX yet?

If you have legacy Rexroth industrial motion control systems, your interest in ctrlX might still be theoretical.

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