Augmented Reality Labels

Jones Soda has come up with something fun in labeling: augmented reality labels. With their app, you can scan the label on a bottle of Jones Soda and watch the video behind the label.

15 different videos have been created for Orange and Cream, Cream Soda, Berry Lemonade, Root Beer and Green Apple flavors. The videos feature extreme sports and artists. The labels of Jones Sodas have featured photos of fans for twenty years, and the new labels take this to the next level.

Augmented Reality labels

AR labels include a visual marker or microtext that communicates with the associated app. The consumer scans the label, and the app knows what content to present to the consumer based on that marker.

Printers have to make sure to include the visual data in the label, and tomato sure that it is printed with enough precision to communicate successfully with the app.

Jack Daniels is an impressive example.

And while drinks of various kinds seem to be the most common examples, you can also learn how to make lasagne with ketchup if you’re that kind of cook.

AR labels have the potential to be useful in practical ways, but most examples we’ve seen are pure entertainment. Nothing wrong with that.

Rexroth and AR

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