Automation Improves Workers’ Lives

We may joke about seeing all our jobs overtaken by robot overlords, but automation usually has beneficial effects, making work safer and less arduous for human workers. We wouldn’t really prefer to do all the work that robots do with our own hands. or to make all those consumer products that automation produces so much faster and more cheaply.

Automation has improved the lot of miners and millworkers, made it possible for people to work just 40 hours a week, and helped us make it through the pandemic.

Better work and better lives

A new survey from Salesforce shows that automation is still improving workers’ lives. 92% say that automation has improved productivity, but the benefits go beyond that to worker satisfaction.

  • 91% say that automation gives them better work-life balance.
  • 89% say that they are more satisfied with their jobs because of automation.
  • 85% says they can collaborate better.
  • 83% say that automation has allowed them to take on challenging new tasks.
  • 76% say their stress levels have improved.
  • 47% say they spend less time on menial tasks.

In fact, 93% of respondents said that they feel positive about automation — compared with just 68% who felt positive about automation before but became part of their lives.

What do people do with the time they save when automation takes over some of their tasks? Some were excited about new, more challenging tasks they were able to take on as a result of automation. Others cited new skills they had the chance to learn. Developing stronger relationships with customers and colleagues was another benefit they identified.

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