Automation Taking Jobs? Depends Where You Live

Much of the research on automation’s threat to jobs focuses on the kinds of jobs humans are likely to lose. Driving, financial services, and repetitive low-dexterity tasks are likely to be taken over. Jobs requiring social interactions and opposable thumbs are safer from automation.

The Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis (ISEA) has another idea. They see geography as destiny. Nevada is most likely to lose jobs to automation, according to the ISEA. This may be partly a function of which jobs are most popular in Nevada, but ISEA also claims that locations with low wages are more susceptible to job displacement.

The organization’s analysis of research on the subject shows that towns like Las Vegas, El Paso, and Bakersfield will lose more jobs to automation than tech centers like Boston and Seattle.

SmartAssets came to similar conclusions last year when they analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They put Nevada as the most threatened state when it comes to losing jobs to robots. They’re looking at types of jobs in each state, and multiplying those jobs by their likelihood of being automated.

Both methodologies say that Nevada’s workforce is in danger.

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