Bearings, Lubrication, and Your Rexroth 2AD Motor


Rexroth main spindle motors, including your Rexroth 2AD motor, are equipped with lifetime lubricated deep groove ball and cylindrical roller bearings. The mechanical service life of these bearings is 20,000 working hours; that’s just about seven years if we assume that your machinery works eight hours a day. What if you run your system 24 hours a day? More like two years.

A closer look at those lifetime lubricated bearings

Rexroth hasn’t made 2AD motors in this century. So when you identify a problem with your servo and discover that it’s a 2AD, you’ve got to just stare at it, befuddled, and wonder what it’s doing, working away decades after the bearings should have given up.

The life of the bearings depends in large part on lubricant consumption. If you’ve been operating your 2AD motor in ideal conditions and using a bearings configuration appropriate for the work it does (that means a heavy-duty configuration for radial use), the servo will be frugally consuming lubricant and still running. If you’ve been working in freezing temperatures or a wash-down environment, your 2AD motor is probably not still in service.

So let’s assume that you’ve been doing everything right from the point of view of bearing lubricant consumption. If your 2AD motor is beginning to show signs of age, you can feel pretty sure that lubricant consumption is still part of the problem.

Does your Indramat 2AD motor need a REMAN?

Factory REMAN for your servo motors includes replacement of all wearing parts, including bearings. Motors will also be relaquered, and every part of the motor will be checked, cleaned, and repaired as needed.

Your motor will return to you with a new lease on life.

At this point, we figure you’re expecting your 2AD to be essentially immortal. You figure that motor survived much longer than expected and that you can’t possibly do anything that will get in the way of decades more of good service.

Think again.

Taking ordinary precautions will increase your 2AD’s chances of making the most of its second wind. Watch the ambient temperature — 113 degrees Fahrenheit is the max, and don’t run your servo at below-freezing temps, either. Be aware of your altitude, and keep the amount of force used within the appropriate parameters.

Be sure your repaired or remanufactured motor is installed correctly by qualified technicians, too. This is important for the safety of the machine operators and other humans in your facility, as well as for the longest life for your motor.

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