Beer and Servos

Don’t you love all the minute details that go into making the perfect pint, from the mechanical wonders of bottling to the science behind brewing? This ad recognizes that a lot of really big machines go into producing mass market beers.

Servos are all throughout the process of making beer and Modelo even uses Rexroth MKD and DKC servo motors in their packaging line. DKC servos are perfect for beer bottles and cans because they’re made for position and control tasks up to 27kW and are ideal for pick and pack scenarios. MKD servos have torque up to 187 Nm so they’re great for driving movement of cans and bottles. A case study on Modelo shows exactly how these two servos together made an adaptable pick and pack system for their different sized boxes of beer.

Program in different configurations of 12-packs of beer and with just a few changes, your production line is ready to change to meet the demand of the market, instead of the demands of your production line.

Maybe you’re not bottling beer, but your production line may still be demanding. If the demands involve Indramat or Rexroth machinery, we can help. Program our number into your phone so you can get us easily when you need us.

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