Biden’s Budget Supports Manufacturing

The new budget from the White House supports manufacturing in a variety of ways. In addition to initiatives in defense, infrastructure, and clean energy that will probably require some manufacturing and provide some manufacturing jobs, the new budget includes the following elements.

Strengthens the U.S. Supply Chain and Industrial Base

“The Budget invests in key technologies and sectors of the U.S. industrial base such as microelectronics, casting and forging, and critical materials,” the budget document announces.”New programs would promote U.S. leadership in the industries of the future, including biotechnology and biomanufacturing.”

The Budget includes support for the National Institutes of Standards and Technology’s manufacturing programs and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. There will also be targeted funds for smaller companies to encourage competition and more diverse supply chains, especially in food production, where problems were exposed by the pandemic.

Equips Workers with Skills to Obtain High-Quality Jobs

“The Budget invests in effective, evidence-based training models to equip workers with the skills they need to obtain high-quality jobs,” the budget says. Initiatives include extra funding for Community colleges, $100 million for a new Career Training for Occupational Readiness program, and increased access to Registered Apprenticeships.

“The Budget invests $303 million, a $118 million increase above the 2021 enacted level, to expand RA opportunities in high-growth fields, such as technology, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation, while increasing access for historically underrepresented groups, including people of color and women, and diversifying the industry sectors involved.”

The Budget also includes $75 million for a new National Youth Employment Program, $145 million for YouthBuild to help at-risk youth to gain occupational skills, and $15 million to develop opportunities for low-income youth with disabilities.

Manufacturing is back to pre-pandemic levels, in terms of the percentage of jobs it provides in the United States, and the proposed support may continue to strengthen American manufacturing.

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