Bob’s Bait and Servo Repair Shop


We sometimes joke about Bob’s Bait and Servo Repair Shop, a little place near the river where you can pick up some tasty worms for your fishing, maybe a little BBQ, and also drop off your servo motor for a quick patch job. We joke about it… but it’s not really that funny. The story is based on the calls we get from people who have tried out a third party repair service for their Rexroth electric motion control components. They call us with their horror stories, and we carefully don’t say, “We told you so.”

But every now and then we have to tell you so. Servo repair shops, even if they don’t have any bait or BBQ, are not offering the same thing we’re offering.

Often, servo repair centers will brag about the training their repair shop guys have had. Maybe so. But no amount of training will completely make up for the inability to get new parts.

Yep, that’s right. Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third party repair shops. So the parts being used are probably scavenged from dead servos. Their idea of how to fix your precious servos, drives, and controls is also probably scavenged from dead servos.

Compare the third-party repair shop job below with the the factory repair just below it.


You have to do your job right, so we do our job right. Don’t take chances on something as important as your industrial motion control.

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