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They don’t build ’em the way they used to. That’s true, but it’s usually not because we don’t know how, or because we don’t have the skills or the technology.

In fact, the opposite is true. People who built things centuries ago had no idea how strong those things would have to be. They built them much stronger and more permanent than they needed to be for the purposes they had in mind, because they couldn’t plan accurately.

We now know about how long people are likely to use the things we build, and we can engineer them precisely to last as long as they will probably be used.

Are you going to keep your TV set for a decade? You know there’ll be something much cooler along before then, and you’ll want it — the curved TV, the clear TV that hangs in the middle of the room, the projected images that don’t require a screen… who knows? But you probably won’t ignore it and keep your current TV.

You bought a new car as soon as you could get extra cup holders and a parallel parking feature, didn’t you?

So we build things that will last as long as we expect them to be used. Building a really sturdy smartphone or camera or pair of shoes would be a waste of resources, because they won’t be used long enough to wear out as it is.

Indramat motion control was built in an earlier day. We see Indramat servo motors from the 1970s and 1980s still in service today, and we can often provide factory repair or even just a new cable and keep them running for decades more.

We understand why modern consumer goods aren’t built to last, but we enjoy working with things that really will stand the test of time.

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