Burger Flipping Robots

What jobs will robots take on in the future? Cooking fast food is one of the possibilities.

On the one hand, robots are not nearly as good at tasting food as humans are. Food is a social thing for people, and interactions with other humans are an important part of the whole mel experience, even if the interaction is an exchange of smiles with a kid working at a burger stand after school.

On the other hand, human fast food workers want to be paid more… more than robots will cost. Margins in the business are very low. And your average burger flipper is not a culinary artist. Cheap and consistent results with Flippy may be an improvement.

Flippy was inspired by the very high turnover rate among burger flippers. Standing in front of a grill is not an exciting job, or even a fun job. The smell, the heat, the spattering grease — these things bother people, but not robots.

Flippy can also sense the internal temperature of the meat, cutting down on the chances of e coli poisoning and other health issues.

Flippy’s human coworkers prep the meat, dress up the cooked burgers, package them, and provide the smiles.

What makes robot cooks possible?

It’s a combination of servo motors and sensors. Collaborative robot technology makes it possible for human to work alongside the robots in existing spaces. Robot cooks have, either in tests or in actual service, prepared noodles, pizzas, pancakes, coffee, and more. The technology is available.

Why haven’t robots taken over the fast food industry yet?

For one thing, fast food workers may be vocal about wanting $15 an hour, but most make much less than that. The up-front investment for robots is currently high enough that restaurant owners don’t want to be the first to try the new idea.

For another, restaurant owners might not like the high turnover among their workers, but they know what to do about it. If a robot cook goes down, the consequences could be severe. Unhappy customers might be angry and vocal while the restaurant manager tries to figure out what to do in the way of maintenance.

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