Cabinet Health for Your Indramat Drives


We often get calls from engineers who have just opened a sealed cabinet for the very first time and found a mysterious object marked “Indramat.” Often the cabinet has been ignored for years, even decades, and it was only found by following the cable to it from a piece of equipment that has stopped doing its job.

With smoke and sparks settling around him and managers gabbling in his ears, our hero Googles “Indramat,” finds us, and starts on the road back to wellness (for the factory).

We’re happy to help. But sometimes a periodic check of the cabinet could have helped catch the problem earlier.

Is there distortion or discoloration on a cabinet wall? The cooling unit might have failed.

Does it look as though there are a lot of cables crowded into — or crowding out of — a single space? Cables might be getting damaged or displaced.

Staining on a cabinet can be evidence of leakage. Your Indramat drive is not at all likely to leak, but your fan could. We even heard of a case in which fluids from another component leaked onto the cabinet of an Indramat drive. Over many years, this led to some damage.

More frequently, cabinets that hold important machinery get forgotten. If the machinery is very reliable, as Indramat drives are, it can reach the point where the cabinet has never been opened by anyone who still works on the floor. Nobody knows what’s in the cabinet. It doesn’t occur to most of the people on the floor that the nondescript box is important.

Then they get moved. Next thing you know, a cable has been dislodged. Everything screeches to a halt, machine operators are standing around with nothing to do, and the cabinet is finally opened.

That’s where we came in.

Sometimes we can offer phone support (“Plug that cable back in”). Sometimes you actually need a new Indramat drive, control, or motor, and we can ship or bring you one. Sometimes you need factory repair, and you need it fast. We can help with all those things.

The chances of needing something small are better if you catch the problem early. If you use Indramat drives, find the cabinet and add period inspections of the closed cabinet to your maintenance schedule. You’ll be glad you did.


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