CES Robots Go with Cute

It’s the Consumer Electronic Show, not the Industrial Electronics Show, so it probably makes sense that CES went with cute robots, or at least robots that were trying to be cute.

We’ve already written about the Rollbot, a teddy bear themed robot intended to bring you a roll of toilet paper if you run out (and if you’re willing to open the door). There’s also BellaBot, which combines a cat face with shelves to hold and carry food. Qoobo has a cat bottom rather than a cat face, complete with a moving tail. There’s also Jennie, a therapeutic dog robot with both a face and a body.

In case you’re seeing a theme here, there is also the humanoid Walker, which can pour a drink into a cup and do yoga poses. It can sort of draw pictures, too. Walker can also push a cart, which puts it in a league with Rollbot and BellaBot.

Ballie, which doesn’t look like a human being or a pet, is Samsung’s idea of a robot as a “life companion.” It functions a lot like Alexa, but it is a yellow ball which can roll around your home or office and remind you to go to meetings on time.

And we can’t overlook Lovot, designed to “stir your instinct to love.”

For all-out cuteness, the Coding Critters are probably the winners, since they actually are toy woodland creatures, but there were a lot of teaching robots and emotional companions with great big eyes.

There were also some industrial robots, an exoskeleton, and autonomous vehicles. They tried to make these items cuter by involving them in experiences with pizza and cocktails.

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