Change Motion Control Brands?

Have you been thinking about changing to a new brand of servo motors, drives, and controls?

If so, we’ve got another question for you: have you had a sales call lately?

If so, that salesperson probably got you talking about frustration you sometimes feel with your machinery. Pain points. Bad days when you hate that machinery, even though you know it’s machinery. Before you know it, you begin to think that you have poor quality motion control, and you’re ready to switch.

Think again. Every set up has occasional frustration points. Is it the brand of machinery you’re using, or is it something else?

Are you dealing with dirty electricity, improper installation, the wrong size of components for your needs or the wrong match up of drive and motor? Do you have a faulty fan? Is the ambient temperature too high or have you just failed to configure your machinery for the temperature or altitude where it’s installed?

The problems caused by those factors aren’t the fault of the machinery, but the stress of coping with them can make you receptive to a suggestion that some other maker could solve all your troubles.

We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control, and we know that the drives, controls, and servo, both new and legacy, and some of the best motion control on the planet. If you have these fine pieces of equipment installed in your facility, think twice about replacing them just because you’ve heard a sales pitch.

Rexroth’s legacy Indramat machinery can often be repaired or remanufactured and come back to you with a warranty that proves it’s as good as new. Units that need an upgrade or replacement can be upgraded with new Indradrive units.

We’ve seen highly effective systems using machinery of many different ages, multiple generations of servos and drive and controls chosen for the space and the functional needs of the specific facility and the specific machines they run.

It might under some circumstances be a good plan to start all over, sweep out the old, and build something new with all matching pieces. But we haven’t seen that yet.

When you need to upgrade, we can help with design and configuration. If you just want to keep your Rexroth motion control running happily, we can help with that, too.

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