ChatGPT in the Factory

SmartIndustry recently published an interview with Rootstrap’s Mikaela Pisani, who described ways that ChatGPT could revolutionize manufacturing. Pisani suggested that ChtGPT could help out on the factory floor by “creating optimizations plans,  predictive-maintenance schedules, mitigating risks, improving communications (making them faster and more efficient), as well provide quality control-detecting anomalies in the available information.”

What can ChatGPT do in the factory?

We gave this some thought. Here’re some ways we can imagine using ChatGPT in manufacturing:

  • Quality Control: ChatGPT can be trained to identify defects and anomalies in manufacturing processes. By analyzing sensor data and other relevant information, ChatGPT can predict potential quality issues before they occur, enabling manufacturers to take corrective action before it’s too late.
  • Predictive Maintenance: ChatGPT can be used to analyze sensor data from machines and equipment to predict when maintenance is needed. This can help reduce downtime and improve productivity by allowing manufacturers to schedule maintenance before a breakdown occurs.
  • Supply Chain Management: ChatGPT can be used to optimize supply chain management by analyzing data on inventory levels, demand, and shipping times. This can help manufacturers to reduce waste, improve delivery times, and optimize inventory levels.
  • Customer Service: ChatGPT can be used to improve customer service by providing instant support and assistance to customers. By analyzing customer queries and providing relevant information, ChatGPT can help reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Employee Training: ChatGPT can be used to provide personalized training to employees based on their job roles and responsibilities. By analyzing employee performance data, ChatGPT can identify knowledge gaps and provide customized training materials to improve employee performance.

Any need for humans?

Pisani allows as how human beings might be needed even if ChatGPT can do all these things. There might be ethical quandaries if an AI tool makes decisions affecting humans, after all. ChatGPT might also be hampered by “the lack of actual information,” lack of real-world experience, and bias.

These are real concerns.

But ChatGPT might be more efficient than humans in working with large data sets. Currently, some manufacturers are collecting great swaths of data with no practical plans for using that information. ChatGPT might be the missing link to going from sensors collecting data to actual actionable information.

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