Chocolate Robots?

We’re Rexroth specialists, and we know that Rexroth makes some of the best motion control on the planet. With the winning combination of precision and power, Rexroth drive and control systems make your robots function perfectly.

Rexroth may empower the best performing robots, but do they make the best tasting robots? Probably not since, pastry chef Amaury Guichon of the Pastry Academy has created a highly detailed robotic arm entirely in chocolate.

While some automation and power tools can be seen in the video above, most of the machine is made by hand. Carefully constructed of solid chocolate, the robot arm got a coat of yellow color with silver and black details. Its functional grabbing tool is made of dark chocolate, but it looks like metal.

Who is Amaury Guichon?

Guichon is co-founder and head instructor at The Pastry Academy in Las Vegas, where a ten week course in pastry will set you back two thousand dollars for the deposit (the total price is not mentioned). A master class runs $2500. These are professional-level courses, though, designed to set students on a career path.

Guichon was born and trained in Switzerland, and later was named the Best Apprentice in France. He went on to serve as pastry chef for major Las Vegas casinos, wrote a book called The Art of Flavor, and hosted Netflix’s School of Chocolate series.

The robotic arm is not his first robot sculpture. He has also made a humanoid choco-bot chef.

Each of the robotic sculptures used 90 pounds of chocolate.

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