How to Choose a Robot


Robots — not exactly the kind of robots we’re showing in the picture, but industrial automation robots — hold out promise for the future. A well-chosen robot can increase safety and environmental responsibility while keeping costs in check. Robots can work with the level of precision needed to create the tools and products we rely on now, in environments that are not friendly to human beings. They can take on tasks that require precise, repetitive motions and free human workers to do the work that humans are best suited to. Automation may be our best hope for bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, and for working collaboratively with the rest of the world.

But this requires us to make wise choices.

Bosch Rexroth has outlined the criteria for choosing a robot:

L for Load

O for Orientation

S for Speed

T for Travel

P for Precision

E for Environment

D for Duty cycle

If you consider all these factors when you make your decision, you’re less likely to end up with a robot that has more capacity than you need.

You might be surprised that this is one of the most common poor decisions in automation. Starting with a smaller, simpler robot and adding modules as needed — if they’re needed — makes sense.

Robots are becoming more accessible for more industrial situations, too, when they’re chosen wisely.

Modern intelligent servos let you handle safety measures at the drive level. New sensors let you reduce torque as soon as the robot makes contact with an operator. Greater standardization of protocols makes it easier to integrate robots into your processes. And many robots can now be preprogrammed — as foreshadowed by the Indramat Personality Modules — so that a machine operator rather than an engineer can handle day-to-day needs.

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