Cold Winter Temperatures and Servos

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Your factory is probably taking advantage of the cold temperatures to keep your servo cold and functioning properly. After all, why pay to keep things air-conditioned when you don’t need to? The problem with relying on unconditioned air to keep your servo drives and servomotors cool is that the moisture or lack of moisture in the air can do strange things to electronics and damage your Rexroth and Indramat equipment.

Humidity, high and low

High humidity, we all know, is something you want to keep away from your electronics. Electronics don’t like standing water, after all, and high humidity creates situations where water droplets can form on electronics. You know that during warmer, humid months you want to keep your servos in air-conditioned cabinets to prevent damage. Protecting your precious servo drives from high moisture levels is important.

But at the same time, really low temperatures aren’t always the best. If the humidity level is exceptionally low, your circuits can accumulate static electricity and discharge randomly. This can fry your circuits in your servo drive and cost a pretty penny to fix.


Another risk is shutting off the heat and then warming things up quickly. If you wear glasses, you’ve come across this problem when entering into a warm building from outside. You glasses fog up with condensation even in lower humidity environments. The same goes for any cold servos you have that you transition too quickly to a warm building. Circuits need time to acclimate and get rid of condensation before powering up in these instances, so be sure to keep this in mind if you’ve been on scheduled downtime.

If you find that you’ve made a mistake and you think you might have fried your servo drive, give us a call and we’ll go through troubleshooting with you to see if that’s the case. We can provide replacement parts within 24 hours if you can’t wait on a repair, too.

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