Color Codes for Rexroth Drives

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When you scan devices from your Rexroth software Projects menu, you’ll see a list of your servo drives. A quick glance is enough to tell you which ones might need your attention. This is because they’ll be color coded. The names you’ve given to your drives will show in different colors that tell you immediately what status they’re in.

Black: offline

Servo drives that show up in black are offline. This doesn’t give you any information about why they’re offline. You might have retired them last week, they might be down for maintenance, who knows? But if it’s a surprise to you that a particular drive is offline, it’s worth looking into.

Orange: offline in parameter mode

A drive name that shows up in orange is in parameter mode, ready to go through needed checks before it moves into operation. This drive needs attention.

Blue: online with no faults

Drives that show up in blue are “online happy” — working, with no errors or faults. When you check your drives and see all blue, it’s blue skies for you.

Red: online with faults

If you see red, you should get moving, because you have a drive online with errors. If you’re using an Indradrive component, you can check the error code with online help and make a decision about your next step. If you’re using Indramat legacy components, you’ll need to find the manual.

You can also request a manual from us, or give us a call.

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