Condensation in Your Cabinets

Your Rexroth DKC drives are at risk from something you might not think about much: condensation.

Condensation is the change from a gaseous state to a liquid state. In this context, we’re talking about water vapor in the air changing to liquid drops of water on your drive. Not a good thing.

What causes condensation in the cabinet?

First, if you leave the cabinet open and humid air gets inside, you can easily end up with condensation. If the drive components are cooler than the ambient temperature, that humid air cools and condenses. The result is a damp DKC drive.

If you’re using heat-exchange units and you don’t have them configured or installed properly, you can end up with ongoing condensation. This can drip onto the machine, or be sprayed on along with the entry of the cold air.

Set the heat exchanger to a steady temperature of 40 degrees centigrade or 104 degrees Fahrenheit — no lower! It’s important that the temperature inside the cabinet is not cooler than the temperature outside the cabinet.

Avoid dripping

You don’t want condensation dripping or spraying on your DKC drive. The most important steps are to manage the temperature and keep the cabinet closed.

However, you should also pay attention to the blower. Arrange the design of the cabinet so that the blower is not in a position to drip or spray condensed water onto the drive.

These steps will help you avoid problems with condensation. If your drive acts up, however, keep the possibility of condensation in mind. The evidence might be gone when you get around to troubleshooting.

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