Consumers Care about Sustainable Packaging

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Rexroth motion control is justly famous for its winning combination of precision and power. That’s why it’s a favorite choice for packaging.

Naturally, we’re interested in the trends in packaging. A new survey from Dotcom Distributing holds some surprises.

Ecommerce consumers care about sustainability

Consumers have ben increasingly concerned with environmental responsibility, but for a long time it was clear that they might care…but they weren’t willing to pay more for sustainability. That has changed, according to the study.

42% of respondents put sustainable packaging ahead of free samples or premium gift-like packaging. 45% put sustainable packaging ahead of ethical sourcing and fuel-efficient shipping, too.

While most shoppers want free shipping even if it’s slower, the only factor that was more important than eco-friendly packaging was discounts.

Packaging is especially important

When thinking about environmentally responsible choices, two thirds of respondents put sustainable packaging as their top priority. They’re more likely to buy from companies again with eco-friendly packaging, more likely to share their packages on social media, and more likely to subscribe to services that reduce packaging (such as refillable cleaning products).

Subscription services are especially appealing to luxury shoppers. The study looked at beauty supply shoppers in this group in particular These shoppers are less price conscious. 42% put sustainable packaging at the top of their priority list, and only 33% listed price as a top priority.

However, 66% still put free shipping as the main reason to choose a particular online brand.

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