Controls and Diagnosis


There’s nothing quite like the screech of machinery seizing up, the chatter of machine operators standing around the machinery describing to one another what they think is wrong, and the shouting of the floor manager echoing down the halls as he heads your way.

Somewhere in all that metal there is something that has gone wrong, somehow. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what and where it was?

The newest Rexroth electric controls have several different diagnosis options:

  • Powerfail, which initiates a response in the event of a power failure.
  • Watchdog, an electronic timer that prevents timing out and responds to software hangs by resetting automatically.
  • Temperature monitoring, which… monitors the temperature.

The three different types of diagnosis cover the major things that can go wrong and leave you wishing someone had been watching. If only someone had seen the problem and responded quickly, you wouldn’t be looking at this sad scene…

Fortunately, the diagnosis options are watching and they respond very fast — much faster than a human being.

Most Indracontrol components, including the IndraControl L20 through the IndraControl 85, have all three options. The L10 has only two of the options; there is no temperature monitoring available for this control.

Smarter machines, self-monitoring machines, machines that tell you what’s wrong — all of these are good things. But that may not be enough. When you need expert support for legacy or modern Rexroth motion control, call us first.

We can offer phone support, field support, factory rebuild and remans. We also have the largest selection of Rexroth emergency replacement units in the nation.

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