Cool Study on Hands

Hands are pretty important things in life. We use our hands to repair Indramat and Rexroth equipment. Humans use them for so many things, including misdirection. Wait, what? It turns out, due to a scientific study in the open source peer reviewed journal PeerJ, that magicians are successful because we focus on their hands. Penn and Teller helped some scientists investigate a bunch of different versions of the cups and balls trick.

You’d think that because we focus on hands, we’d be able to figure out the magician’s tricks, right? It turns out that if magicians do things to distract us or fake us out with their hands, we’re flummoxed quickly and can’t figure out what happened, even if we see it happening right in front of us. You can read the paper if you’re into charts and graphs like us.

In any case, there are a still a lot of things you just can’t do with your hands accurately. Thankfully, engineers have been studying this for a long time and made Indramat and RexRoth—the most accurate and reliable tools for things you simply can’t do with your hands. If they ever flummox you like Penn and Teller’s cups and balls, we can work some magician’s magic to get your Indramat and RexRoth machinery back on line.

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