Diagnostic Messages and Indramat Repairs

"modify'd" by Robert S. Donovan

Diagnostic messages from Indramat servo drives aren’t clear statements like “Overheating.” Instead, the messages are  numerical codes.

For example, the DIAX03 might share with you that it’s experiencing an F219 — a motor overtemperature shutdown. Yeah, there’s some overheating going on.

Having a manual helps, and we’ll be happy to send you one. But even then, there can be some communication issues. For example, let’s say your drive is throwing an F208 UL: The motor type has changed. Maybe your inclination is to shout, “No it hasn’t!”

This won’t do anything.

Error Code F208

Here’s what has happened. Your drive has stored the parameters of its associated motor in its memory. It knows what kind of current regulation and so forth it was expecting. After it’s gone offline, you power it up, and the first thing it does is check the feedback it’s getting against the parameters it has stored. If there’s a mismatch, it lets you know with an F208.

Pushing the S1 button will tell it to overwrite the stored parameters with the new information, and that might solve the problem completely.

Don’t know where to turn? Call us.

We’re versed in what Indramat error codes and diagnostic messages mean and what steps you need to take to resolve them. Sometimes it’s as simple as pushing a button or plugging something back in. Other times it can be something much more complex.

Before you give us a call, try taking these steps:

  • Check all the cables to ensure they’re connected where they’re supposed to be and that they haven’t been damaged.
  • Don’t forget the power cords. Just because you didn’t unplug it doesn’t mean that nobody did.
  • Get the identification number for the unit that has the error code, and make a note of the code. You think you’ll remember it while you make that call, but someone might talk to you and knock the number out of your short-term memory. Invert a couple of numbers and you have a whole new ball game.

Then give us a call and we can help. We offer factory repair and reman with quick turnaround.

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