Digital Connection of All Rexroth Devices by 2022

Rexroth’s electric industrial automation division began when the company acquired Indramat in the 20th century. Rexroth brand names like “IndraDrive” and “IndraDyne” still honor Indramat, a revolutionary motion control company in its own right.

If you see the word “Indramat” on an ailing servo, drive, or controller, you’re in luck. Rexroth continues to support most Indramat models, and the chances are good that we have a remanufactured model on hand. Call us immediately when you need Indramat or Rexroth service or support.

Changes coming

Of course, there have been changes since Rexroth took over Indramat. When you send in a unit for factory reapir or reman, you benefit. Replacement parts are the newest and most up to date parts, even when there has been a significant improvement in the technology. When we send you a part, you’ll often find that it is not just as good as new, but better than new, for this reason.

There is a big change coming, though.

By 2022, all Rexroth products will have the ability to be digitally connected to information systems, according to board member Heiner Lang. The Factory of the Future will at that point be the factory of the present.

The technology has been available, but implementing that technology requires vision and courage. Manufacturers may not see quick payoffs. Using machine learning and connected systems reduces downtime, cuts down on errors, and reduces energy use — but the greatest ROI relies on strategic use of data.

This change means that you might want to upgrade some of your machinery rather than just repairing it.


Don’t forget — sometimes you can retrofit rather than upgrading.

One of Lang’s favorite examples is the SCD sensor. It costs less than $100 and accurately measures vibration, tilt, shock, temperature, magnetic fields and ambient light intensity. Stick it on in seconds, with no technical know-how, and you’re ready to track performance for all your legacy units.

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