DKC Drive Errors

The DKC Ecodrive is one of the most popular servo motors ever. While we might expect “eco” to be short for “ecology,” it was actually meant to suggest economy. The DKC was a cost-effective automation solution. It still is.

Errors and the DKC Drive Controller

The DKC Drive Controller is connected with the AC servo motor with a power cable and a feedback cable. It may have an auxiliary bleeder module and/or a capacitance module. It has its own firmware, and its own power supply module. it may also use a transformer for a direct connection to the mains.

Error messages will be displayed directly in the H1 display. Newer models may offer a different user interface. The messages consist of a number and a description. For example, F205 Cam shaft invalid tells you that there has been an error while loading a cam shaft. The cam shaft must be reloaded. You’ll need to acknowledge the error first by pressing the S1 button, and then you must reload the faulty cam shaft.

F205 is the number for this error. “Cam shaft invalid” reminds you of the identity of the error code F205. If you have lots of experience troubleshooting Rexroth industrial motion control systems, you may see an error code and know immediately what’s wrong. You can take the correct action to solve the problem and carry on with your day.

If not, you’ll need to check your DKC manual. You can request a DKC troubleshooting manual at our Manual Request Page. The manual lists the DKC error codes and explains each one. You’ll find that many of the error codes have to do with programming. Some require replacement of a battery or cable. There may be a jammed axis or a bad connection.

Many of these problems can be fixed directly.

If you still have a problem

Then there are the errors that can’t just be fixed quickly. Sometimes you just have a faulty drive, motor, controller, or power supply. At this point, you may be tempted to open ‘er up and poke around. Don’t. Depending what part you choose to mess with, you could destroy your unit. You will certainly void your warranty.

No Rexroth motion control units can be repaired on the machine. They are designed for factory repair only. Any DIY efforts at this point will definitely lead to extra downtime, extra costs, and problems you wouldn’t have had if you had resisted the temptation.

Instead, call us at 479-422-0390. We can provide phone support. We can also fly out to you with an emergency replacement part. We’re specialists in Rexroth motion control, and we will get you back up and running fast.

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