Do You Ask Directions?

The Department of Transportation funded a study determined to find out if it’s true that men won’t ask for directions.

Actually, the study had other goals. However, for our purposes it’s enough that they looked into this stereotype.

Drivers in general, they found, spend as much as 40% of their time not really sure where they’re going. We could save 20% of the miles we drive if we just quit getting lost. Guys don’t see it that way, though. We’re confident. We’re willing, by and large, to drive around for a while with just a vague sense of where we are because we feel that our internal maps are fairly trustworthy.

We’re not lost just because we don’t know exactly where we are.

If, for example, we feel pretty confident that we’re heading west and we have reason to believe that our objective is probably toward the west, we’re not lost. We’re just on the way to our destination according to a new route that we haven’t quite perfected. What’s wrong with that?

In addition to the difference in our definitions of the word “lost,” men also tend to feel more confident about the systems we’ve worked out. We usually have some kind of system for most of the things we do, and we don’t like to abandon those systems just because they’re not working at the moment.

But what do you do when you open a closed cabinet in your factory because you finally have trouble with something that has been quietly doing its job for decades? Most of the people who call us are in exactly that position. They’ve looked at a piece of machinery that they’ve never seen before, it says “Indramat” on it, and — well, now what?

The system isn’t working.

Here are some options if you find yourself in this position:

  • Request a manual.
  • Call us at (479) 274-8422. We can often help over the phone.
  • Keep feeling confident and try to figure it out for yourself. After you’ve wasted all the time you care to on this method, go back to the first two options.

Remember the 20% wasted miles? That’s fine if you’re driving around enjoying the scenery… not so great if you’re losing money every minute your machines are down. Give us a call. We’ll get you back up and running fast.

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